Project React-6G

RAN IntElligent Automation and Control via xApps Towards 6G.


REACT-6G, a pioneering project set to harness the potential of existing 6G-SANDBOX RU’s, UE’s, transport networks, and time/frequency synchronization to deliver a 5G Standalone Non-Public Network (SNPN) aligned with Open RAN principles. This project will utilize a 6G-SANDBOX provided 5GC and UE SIM cards, while also offering the flexibility to install and configure an instance of Open5GS if required. Depending on the specific requirements of 6G-SANDBOX use-cases, such as mobility and network slicing, we will select either an Accelleran dRAX-CU or srsRAN-CU. Two apps will be developed and integrated along with the associated RAN infrastructure into the 6G-SANDBOX testbeds. This will enable intelligent radio resource management and network control, facilitating zero-touch automation, self-configured networks, and enhanced key performance indicators (KPIs) such as energy efficiency and demand-driven data-rate maximization.

Additionally, it will be created a Conflict Manager (CM) entity, hosted within the dRAX Near-RT RIC, designed to detect and resolve contradictory actions from the two developed xApps. This comprehensive toolset offers substantial potential for future experimentation and will significantly enhance the functionalities of the 6G-SANDBOX. FDI and ACC will leverage their expertise in xApp development and real-world deployment from the H2020 Affordable-5G project. The Malaga test-bed is the preferred candidate for deploying and testing O-RAN components (including dRAX, CU/DU/RU, xApps, and CM) due to its existing integration of O-RAN-based 5G components. Furthermore, several REACT-6G components, such as Accelleran dRAX, have been partially developed with funding from other 5GPPP projects like 5G-COMPLETE, 5G-Clarity, 5GCity, and Affordable5G, bringing additional 5GPPP results into the 6G-SANDBOX.


Open RAN, Intelligent Radio Resource Management, Zero-Touch Automation, Energy Efficiency, Conflict Manager (CM), Near-RT RIC, xApps development, RAN infrastructure, 6G Infrastructure.



Project ID: GA101096328

Programme: HORIZON-JU-SNS-2022


DG/Agency: SNS-JU

Duration: 2024 – 2024


Status: On going

Start date: 01/06/2024

End date: 01/12/2024

2024 - 2024


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